About the OEMS

The Old Etonian Medical Society (OEMS) supports Eton school pupils and Old Etonians who wish to pursue (or are pursuing) a career in Medicine, or other related disciplines. Any OE who is studying or has completed a degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences, or another related discipline is eligible to join.

The society has seen tremendous growth in recent years with almost 300 members at present. As well as hosting an annual dinner for members to keep in touch, we organise various prizes and events to support current pupils in their university applications. These include an annual Poster Prize, an Essay Prize and twice-yearly mock interview practice. We have recently set up an Elective Scholarship scheme to provide funding to OE undergraduates undertaking clinical or research elective placements in the UK or abroad as part of their undergraduate degree programmes. We work closely with Eton College to provide careers advice and work experience opportunities to support pupils in their university applications.

The OEMS has a close relationship with partner organisations in Harrow (OHMS) and Winchester (OWMS) in order to share opportunities for careers advice and experience between members of the three societies. Each society takes it in turn to host a joint Tripartite Medical Societies Dinner which provides an opportunity for members of all three societies to meet with one another.

We are committed to widening access to medical careers. Our members regularly contribute towards the Eton College Medical Society seminar series which run during the term time at Eton College and are open to pupils from any school in the local area. These meetings provide an opportunity for school pupils to hear from leading experts across a wide range of medical fields. OEMS members also regularly contribute to the Public Engagement series of Medical Careers Days run by the Royal Society of Medicine. These events are held in various locations around the UK (including London, Birmingham, Oakham and Eton) for school pupils who wish to learn more about a career in Medicine and how to prepare a medical school application.

Eton College has numerous scholarship schemes to widen access to its education. These include a jointly funded scholarship scheme set up in collaboration with Imperial College London to for a Sixth Form Scholar to study at Eton followed by a place to read Engineering at Imperial College London. We aim to extend this to include Medicine in the future.

Last updated: September 2014